Best Video Streaming Websites That Are Better Than YouTube


Whenever we feel tired and moody, we immediately open and stream the videos in YouTube right. The online streaming is the part of our daily life. And a day can’t go forward without spending few hours on YouTube.Best Video Streaming Websites are listed here.


But,did you there are awesome alternatives to YouTube did you ever seen before. Looking for another best video sites instead of it?

well,here the some Best Video Streaming Websites for that check it yeah.

Dailymotion video site


DAILY MOTION video website is the second most largest video streaming services in the world based on users.It is a simple user interface and good collection of videos.Users can upload,share and watch the videos.The important note is the maximum video limit in terms of duration is 60 minutes and the maximum size of a video file is 4 GB.

“Fingerprinting” program was launched with Audible Magic, to counter copyright violation.

Vimeo video site


VIMEO video site is a good alternative for YouTube is global-sharing video service in which user can upload,share,view the videos. It was the first video sharing site to High-Definition videos.Uploaded HD (High definition) videos were automatically converted into 720/30p VP6 Flash video.

Metacafe video site


Not interested in long videos? METACAFE video sharing site is specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of music, video games,TV,movies and Sports. Metacafe was similar to other video viewing websites such as YouTube or Daily motion.

Vevo video site


VEVO is the most popular best video site in the field of music. You will definitely like this because of it is totally related to the music. Also available the best new music videos by world’s top most artists. So now watch your favorite videos and enjoy.

Best Video Streaming Websites


VEOH is also one of the alternative for YouTube. Millions of videos including TV shows,free movies and music.
TV shows are exclusively available for the United States. The search on VEOH is not among the best.
The video player is some what difficult to use.

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