Google Translate Updates Android App With Live ‘Word Lens’ Japanese Translations



word lens language translator

The Internet is the best friend for each and every netizen and it is making our life easier. Google’s translator is interpreted words and web content between English and over a hundred different languages. However…for translating the words along with google so many apps are available right now in the market. But Google makes it one special and extraordinary translate app for, especially japan tourists. That is “word lens” language translator.

Commonly used:


Usually, open any translate app and type the unknown keyword,  It will search and give the result, right. For searching and resulting, it will take some time. Now by using google’s updated app no need to do all these works. Google developed its translate app with the Japanese language directly translated to the English language through its “Google word lens” App. World Lens feature is both faster and friendlier.

Working Procedure:


English-speaking users will currently translate Japanese words simply point your phone’s camera at a Japanese sign, menu, notice or similar and it will instantly overlay the English text. Imposingly, this method may also be done offline once you have got downloaded. usually, visitors and tourists to use their phones as immediate pocket dictionaries without a Wi-Fi connection.

word lens language translator app

Locals and tourists who need the help like restaurant menus,  train and bus timetables, official documentations and local websites. Like that updated Word Lens tech could make life lot easier.
Google Translate currently offers typed-input translation for a complete of 103 languages, offline translation for 52 languages and camera-based translation for 30 of them.


Word  Lens Translator for Android app is a Free download from Google Play.

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